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Accounting & Payroll

Payroll Services Include:


  • Data Entry or Payroll Hours

  • Calculating Hours

  • Calculating Federal/State Withholdings

  • Printing Checks or Faxing Information

  • 940/941 Calculations and Quarterly Filings

  • Form VA-5 Calculation and Quarterly Filings

  • Annual 1099's W2's

  • Monthly, Quarterly and/or Annual Reports


Bookeeping Services Include:


  • Collecting Receipts

  • Data Entry and Categorizing Receipts

  • Track Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Create Invoices

  • Prepare and Track Budgets

  • Create Financial Statements

  • Print Checks and Track Expenses

  • Reconcile Your Accounts

  • Track Multiple Locations/Classes

  • Generate, Customize, and Print Monthly and Annual Reports

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